⌈Welcome friends, I am Shinsei Kakumei and fandom is my life blood. The only fandom I'm active in is Kingdom Hearts and it is a great fandom to be apart of. My favorite KH games are KH1 and Birth By Sleep.⌋

Other things I like that you may find on this blog:
× Cute animals (mostly bunnies), Pretty rocks, Xenosaga, SHINGEKI NO KYOOOOJIN, Other video games (MGS, Amnesia, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales of, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing...)

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So, you wanna know more about me? Well you've come to the right tab.

    ρ I am Shinsei Kakumei, or Sei, or whatever you come up with.
    α I like to draw, write, make videos and graphics... creative shit, you know.
    ι MY KIDS ARE MY LIFE. Raine, Xirena, Nero, Abel...
    ξ I am very much a crazy person who has to take loads and loads of crazy people
    pills to be semi-functional in the world
    ι I have a gr8 boifrend
    × My best friend is BEST.
    ν I am 21 years old (February 4th, 1992)
    ε I LOVE collecting holy shit.
    ξ RP is great, but I only RP with one person tbh.
    ι My musical interests mostly lie in video game and anime soundtracks, but     otherwise I am partial to pop and electronic/techno music.
    ρ In terms of movies I like The Last Unicorn, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth,
    Adolescence of Utena, Pokemon: The First Movie, End of Evangelion.
    ε I don't read books or watch TV really, besides anime and manga. But I do like     Star Trek TOS.
    ν I really like watching Let's Plays :DDD I watch them more than I actually play     video games these days. Favorites are Morfar, iDubzInk, DeliciousCinnamon and     TheSw1tcher (Two Best Friends Play).
    α I love creating my own characters, my two darling babies being Raine and     Xirena.
I can't really think of much else, but I'll add stuff as I think of it~

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